Brows, Eyelash and Lips Services

Color Refresh/ Annual Touch-up

$250 1-2 years / $100 6-8weeks

For clients who performed their eyebrow service with us in the course of 1 to 2 years. To be a candidate for this procedure you need to be in good health, not taking medication, pregnant, or have previous work on your eyebrows.

NOTE: If you have any medical conditions, you take medication, or you have previous eyebrow work please call 305-989-7734 for an evaluation. Botox application must have a separation of 3 weeks before or after any micropigmentation procedure.

Nail Services

Hair Services

  • Including every hair treatment before and after ,toner and shadow root
  • Blow dry or flat iron
  • The price varies depending on the length and the volume

Including everything 100% natural hair

Other Services